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Reunion HOA Reunion HOA
~ Annual Dues, Fees and Fines ~
Annual Dues
The Reunion Homeowners Association's annual dues are $750 for all homeowners. This is due on January 20th of each year. Invoices are typically sent out in early December. Late fees, which have been voted on by the board and changed for the 2019 calendar, are assessed as of February 1.
Late fees for nonpayment of dues are as follows:
February 1 late fee $50
March 1 late fee additional $100
April 1 late fee additional $150
Townhome Fees
Homeowners living in townhomes have an additional quarterly dues payment that varies based on each townhome. These quarterly dues cover expenses of landscaping and lawn care, backflow testing, weed control and other mutually agreed upon maintenance fees from the townhome owners.
Late fees for nonpayment of townhome dues are as follows:
1st Fine is 30 days after the beginning of the quarter being assessed - late fee $50
2nd Fine is 60 days after the beginning of the quarter being assessed - late fee additional $100
3rd Fine is 90 days after the beginning of the quarter being assessed - late fee additional $150
Unfortunately, fines are levied on the rare occasion that a homeowner does not comply with our Reunion Homeowners Association Covenants & Restrictions and Bylaws. Homeowners are given a thirty day notice to comply. If unwilling to do so, then the homeowner is fined until the violation is remedied.
Fines for rules violations are as follows:
Fines 1st month $50
Fines 2nd month additional $75
Fines 3 month additional $100
-See Covenants & Restrictions Article V 5.01-5.05 Assessments
-See Bylaws Section VII 5.16 Rules & Regulations 
-See Covenants & Restrictions Article VII Section 8.06 Violations and Enforcement; Fines, A. General and B. Fines

~ Neighborhood Notices ~
Attention Homeowners
Speed Limit is 20 MPH
Please SLOW DOWN as there are children playing everywhere and a toy, ball, bike or child may accidentally dart out in front of your car. Please adhere to the 20MPH speed limit throughout Reunion.
It is each homeowners' responsibility to adhere to the posted speed limit signs.
If the problem persists, the HOA will be forced to assess fines and request additional patrols from CPD.
Safety Concerns
Please be aware of neighborhood safety and your surroundings. Always lock the doors to your homes and cars and park cars in your garages whenever possible. If you see anything or anyone suspicious, please call Chattanooga Police or 911. Don't give anyone an opportunity to make you a victim of theft or burglary.
Car Stickers
Remember, neighborhood homeowner cars should have Reunion stickers on them. If you have purchased a newer car and need another sticker, please notify the Reunion Board.

~ Neighborhood Complaints ~
We Have Rules For A Reason
If you see that another homeowner is not abiding by the rules, please bring that to the attention of the Reunion Board and Advisory Committee by emailing a complaint here:   Rules and violations

It is your responsibility as neighbors to help the Board and Advisory Committee ensure that everyone is being courtesy and compliant with the rules. The Board and Advisory Committee can not issue warnings and/or fines to homeowners if we do not know of a complaint. These rules were established to maintain the high standard of the neighborhood that we all bought into when we moved here. 

~ Annual Homeowner Meeting ~
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~ Recommended List ~
The Reunion Board has created a Recommended List of contractors and businesses that our neighbors have used and recommended. You can find this list under the Documents Section. Check it out when you need the name of a recommended company or contractor.

~ Upcoming Events ~
Reunion Annual Dues Are Due
Sunday, January 20th
Annual Dues are due January 20. Late Fees assessed as of February 1. 
Lawn Care Committee Meeting
Tuesday, January 22nd, 6:00pm at Clubhouse
Lawn Care Committee Meeting at Clubhouse

~ Little Free Library Box ~
A wonderful Little Free Library box has been installed in the Reunion Park.
Please feel free to "take a book and leave a book".
Books for all ages can be found in the box. Stop by to read a book and enjoy the park area this spring and summer, or borrow one to take home. If you have any books from home, its a great way to share them with others by dropping a few off when you stop by the park. 

~ Regional Planning Commission Meeting: East Brainerd Road Adjacent Property Rezoning ~
The rezoning efforts for the two parcels on East Brainerd Road have been withdrawn pending confirmation with the Planning Commission. 
We will update as we know more regarding any developments during the January 14, 2019 Planning Commission meeting. 
This meeting will be held on the 4th floor of the Hamilton County Courthouse. Please make every effort to attend to voice our concerns. 
At the previous meeting with The Hutton Group, they had agreed to defer the rezoning efforts to a later meeting. The Hutton Group will have to ask for that deferral at the October 8 meeting.
It was brought to the board's attention this week that rezoning efforts are under way for two parcels of land on East Brainerd Road. These two parcels back up to the wooded wetlands area of HOA property on the northern end of the neighborhood. 
The two parcels total approximately 3 acres in size and are currently zoned R-1 Residential. The potential buyer wants to have it rezoned to C-2 Commercial. These two parcels are surrounded on all sides by R-1 Residential properties. 
Below is a site plan that was given to the board by the real estate agents showing that the buyer wants to put a retail building on the front East Brainerd Road portion of the property and a large climate controlled storage building in the rear of the property (backing up to the wetlands). This building would likely be a multi-story structure. 
The real estate agents have stated that originally the potential buyer wanted the entire corner property in addition to these two smaller parcels, but for various reasons has backed out of the offer for the large corner property.
The board has lots of questions and concerns regarding this matter and wanted to get as much feedback from all of the Reunion homeowners. We are asking for your thoughts and input.

~ Volunteers Needed ~
If you are interested in being a member of any Neighborhood Committees
or if you would like to be considered for a Board position,
 please email us! Our volunteer committee and board members spend a great deal of time making sure Reunion continues to be a wonderful neighborhood to live in and play!

~ Street & Curbside Parking ~
Cars, More Cars and Golf Carts
Reunion has rules in place that require homeowners to park in their garages or driveways only.
Street and curbside parking should only be used for guests.
Also, if you have a golf cart and are driving at night, you are required to have lights on the cart. Golf carts must be driven by a licensed driver.